Mastering the Model Shoot: Any Light will do – Frank Doorhof

Frank Doorhof
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Frank taught countless workshops and released several instructional videos but this might be the most important one. The first thing people always ask him is “what gear did you use”? Of course most of the time we shoot with strobes, sunlight, reflectors etc. But in essence you can say that “Any light will do” He strongly believes that as long as there is light you can create images. In short, you don’t need expensive gear to create stunning images or tell your story. That’s why in this video he shows you a lot of tips and tricks how you can shoot with light sources that you normally probably never would have though off. What about : Smartphone lighting, a led flash light, Christmas lights, a tungsten lightbulb and even a chandelier. But he also shows you how to be creative with existing light sources like a ring light, Lume cubes, a DIY Fresnel with speed lights and even an icelight. This video is filled to the brink with cool ideas that will trigger your creativity, but most of all proves once and for all that “any light will do” Runtime over 85 minutes, including retouching
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